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Second USC Symposium on the Futures of Robotics



The second USC Symposium on the Futures of Robotics will be held on the USC campus (Davidson Conference Center [DCC] Club Suite AB) on April 15, 2014. The academic community is cordially invited. No registration is necessary. The symposium is a day long set of talks by young- to mid-career roboticists breaking new ground in emerging areas in robotics and related fields.




Gaurav Sukhatme, Maja Matarić, Stefan Schaal, Nora Ayanian - Welcoming remarks


Andrea Thomaz, Georgia Institute of Technology - "Social Robot Learning"


Julie Shah, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - "Integrating Robots into Team-Oriented Environments"


Stephanie Gil, CSAIL, MIT - "Adaptive Communication Networks for Heterogeneous Teams of Robots"


M. Ani Hsieh, Drexel University - "Control and Coordination of Robot Teams in Geophysical Flows: Exploiting the Environment for Prolonged Autonomy"


Cynthia Sung, CSAIL, MIT - "Geometric Design of Print-and-Fold Robots via Composition"


Sonia Chernova, Worcester Polytechnic Institute - "Crowds and Robots: Enabling Robots to Learn from Everyday People"


Brenna Argall, Northwestern University - "Turning Assistive Machines into Assistive Robots"


Anca Dragan, Carnegie Mellon University - "A Mathematical Formalism for Legible Robot Motion"




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