Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center


The Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory is now using its second iteration of its autonomous surface vessel (ASV) platform. Originally, the research was a part of the Networked Aquatic Microbial Observing System (NAMOS) project, and the first ASV was built completely in-house. The second generation, however, is based on a Q-Boat I hull by Ocean Science Inc. We have then added a basic navigational sensor suite consisting of an inertial measurement unit, a compass and a GPS receiver. Additionally, a profiling sonar, an anemometer and various other sensors can be mounted ad-hoc. The boats are equipped with a winch system that can be used for profiling with biological sensors.


The ASV is roughly 2 m long and 0.7 m wide, propelled by twin electric motors and is capable of speeds up to 1.6 m/s. It also a rudder for improved turning capabilities.

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