Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center

Methodologies that Enable Real Practical Applications of Robotic Systems in Dynamic and Unstructured Environments

Dikai Liu



This presentation will present the robotics research activities at the UTS Centre for Autonomous Systems which consists of 47 researchers, all focusing 100% of their research efforts on robotics. This centre has been conducting fundamental research for developing machines that think, including simultaneous localisation and map building, sensing and perception in unknown environments, human-robot interaction and assistive robotics. This seminar will also discuss methodologies that enable real practical applications of robotic systems in unstructured and dynamic environments, including intelligent robots for complex bridge infrastructure maintenance, and robot teams for material handling in automated container terminals.



Professor Dikai Liu received his PhD degree from Wuhan University of Technology, China in 1997, and joined the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in 2000. His research interests include perception and mapping of complex unstructured environments, applications of autonomous robots in infrastructure maintenance, multi-robot systems for material handling and assistive robotics. Since 2006, his research has received three best paper awards: Best Paper (Biomedical Sensing and Sensors Symposium-ISSNIP 2011); Best Student Paper award (ISARC 2007); Best Paper Award (ISARC 2006). He also received one Carrick Australian (now ALTC) Award for University Teaching (2006), one Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AaeE) Award finalist (2005), and one UTS Teaching award (2005). Prof. Liu is deputy director of the UTS Centre for Autonomous System.


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